the band PROJEKT203 comes from Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. It is impossible to name their musical style in one word. It is dark-electro with elements of ebm, aggrotech, cyberpunk with a live guitar and a specific female vocal in the foreground. The band was formed as a duo in 1999. He has had several solo performances, they have also played, e.g. at the festivals Prague Gothic Treffen, EBM Reunion OST Vienna, Gothic Party Brno, Synthfest Slovakia… Earlier this year 2022 Projekt203 released their fourth album „Wolfs Passion“. It is actually the first album recorded entirely in English. It contains 10 great songs originally with Slovak lyrics. All of them have a new sound and some of them even have completely new arrangements. „We decided to record in English in the future to bring our music to more people…“.

Together with the album, 2 new singles/videos „Rickys Hand“ (FadGadget cover) and „Life is a Bastard“ are released. At the beginning of this year 2022, a new reinforcement is joining the band, the third member is guitarist „Dirty77“, the original frontman of the band „Hysteric Helen“. With him, the band released the singles/videos „Wolfs Pack“ and the brand new „Soul“, which will probably be part of the forthcoming album 2023. The band is currently performing concerts in a new composition, recording another video/single and preparing a new album. All fans of the music style dark-electro, ebm, aggrotech, cyberpunk can look forward to a new high-quality sound with a live guitar and a great Projekt203 playlist.

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